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Kitesurfing , wingfoiling and surfing rental in lagos

Kitesurfing rental

Enjoy kitesuring in Algarve

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Wingfoil rental

Go winging around Algarve

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Surf rental

Rent awesome softops boards in Lagos

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Rent and test equipment form professional watersport shop in Lagos

daily & Weekly rentals

Renting for hours is not for us , rent equipment for days and enjoy your sessions for hours on the water. Don’t limit yourself! Enjoy every wave and every bit of wind.

Go to perfect spot

Renting from us , you can use the equipment in the spot that has best conditions this day, we are not limiting you to any area or spots. Kite in bordeira, wingfoil in meia praia or catch beginner waves in Ariffana, just have fun!

Discounts after rental

Did you like the equipment you rented? Want to take it home? We will offer you up to 50% rental discount if you decide to buy equipment afterwards. We will even ship it to your home for free!

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To rent watersport equipment you need to be at least 18 years old and be proficient and independent rider. 
We are happy to rent to everyone but we want to keep you and others safe so we will ask few questions about sport etiquette before rental.
Minimum rental time is one day (24 hours).
You can check surf rental agreement in every dedicated sport rental page

You can fill out the reservation form or simply call us and book a surfboard:
+351 913454511
+48 690093204