Kite shop in Lagos, Algarve

We offer all the necessary equipment for kitesurfing in Lagos, next to one of the busiest kite spots in the Algarve, Ria de Alvor. As a kite shop with a wide range of products, we offer our expertise and help with choosing the right equipment for beginners and advanced kitesurfers. We tried and tested all the kites we have on our offer to provide the best advice in choosing the right equipment. Visit our Kitesurf shop in Algarve or buy online!

Kitesurfing equipment in Lagos, Algarve

We offer a variety of kitesurfing equipment in our shop, therefore, we divided this category into subcategories. In the subcategory Kites , you will find the most known inflatable kites from brands like North kiteboarding and Cabrinha . With the most popular models in our shop like Reach, Orbit, and Switchblade we provide kites for various conditions, interests, and levels of kitesurfing to be sure our customers will choose the right kite for themselves.

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