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Kitesurfing harness

In the Kitesurfwake shop in Lagos, we have new waist kite harnesses in various sizes and models. If you are not sure about the size of the harness, come and try a few in the shop.  We offer soft shells and hard shell harnesses from Mystic  – a leader in watersport equipment for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

The right harness has a significant impact on comfort during your kitesurfing session, that's why choosing a good, comfortable harness is crucial. IF you are not sure what size, softness, or size of the spreader bar is good for you, come to the shop and we will advise you and show you how to check if the harness fits. Waist harnesses are the most popular among kitesurfers no matter the level or style of riding. There are also sit harnesses used mostly for beginners, kids, and people with lower back issues which are putting less pressure on the back.
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