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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card payments as well as bank transfers. If there is any problem with the payment system we are using please send us a mail to: shop@kitesurfwake.com  so we can help you solve it. We can create personalized payment links if needed. 

Updating credit card information

If you want to updated credit card information please select “payment methods” tab in your account and delete or add credit card payment information.

Invoices and VAT

Invoices and Vat rates are generated automatically according to the Vat rates valid in chosen country. If a special invoice is needed or Invoice should be generated with the company Vat number please contact us before finalizing the order. 

Payment refunds

In case of applying refund, we will request an IBAN number of the account and transfer money back to buyer. Processing time might take up to 5 business days plus the time of processing the transfer.