23 C.O.S. Overdrive Trimlite BAR


The Cabrinha Overdrive Trimlite 2023 Bar provides a seamless connection between you and the kite, so you can focus on your session and making progress. The bar has a low V, making the kite feel as direct as possible. This year the Cabrinha Overdrive Trimlite 2023 has been significantly upgraded by Cabrinha. The bar has been given a completely new ‘push click Quick Release’ system. It forms the basis of the bar and offers the possibility to exchange connection methods without tools. The new Dual tube auto unwind feature automatically unwinds the powerlines so you can do trick after trick without having to manually unwrap the powerlines. The ceramic bearing in the system ensures minimum friction and maximum durability. The double PU tubes over the depower lines ensure smooth movement of the bar up and down and maximize the life of the depower line. The bar has been shortened slightly this year, making your control even more precise.

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